Monday, December 28, 2009

Speed scrap with missdamsel

And just for participating you get this great prize!!

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Friday Freebie special....

Miss Damsel here from Damsel Designs with a special Friday Freebie gift for you!!

Since it is Christmas Day we did not plan a Friday Freebie for today, but I wanted to wish all our blog followers a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS with a special gift. I am starting a new kit series called "A Month in Time" and you can get the January edition for free!!! Just go to the store and use the code MERRY_CHRISTMAS_DD and it is all yours!! Make sure you check out all the great deals at DSM while your there!!
I wish you guys a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Today's Friday Freebie!

That's right. We have another freebie for you. I hope you enjoy it. I have made a layered PSD template for you to make some really nice 5x7 cards. Enjoy!

You can download the template from here.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesdays Tips!!

What to do when you've lost your mojo??

Have you ever had some amazing photos that needed scrapped, but you really didnt have any idea what to do with them? Or just tired of doing the same old styles that you always do? Well one way to get past that would be looking to other scrappers for influence. There are so many different techniques for digital scrapbooking, there is no real reason to stick with just one style (unless that is what you prefer). If you want to broaden your horizons a bit or just step outside of the box and try something new you could try a scraplift.

Find a LO in a gallery that you just love and want to try. Now you don't really want to duplicate the LO exactly, thats not very original. You would want to just look at the LO and notice the postion of papers and photos and elements. Create something similar to the look of the LO you are scraplifting. If their LO has the photos in the left corner you could switch it up and put yours on the right.
Here is an example from the DSM gallery:
the original

the lifted one

There is also a list of some scrapbooking books HERE at this website that could be very helpful in learning new styles and techniques.

The ideas are endless and you should never give up just because you can't figure something out yourself! Good Luck in your Scrapping!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Speed Scrap with Damsel Designs 8pm CST

And just for participating you get this great prize!!

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Good morning all.... and to some, good afternoon! I'm looking at my calendar, Christmas is now 12 shopping days away and I still haven't even started! Today is the day! I finally have a free day, no work, no driving kids anywhere and the housework can wait. Only it's -42 without the windchill..... so guess what.... I'm staying home and staying cozy!!
I drove into town last night to pick my daughter up from her Christmas party... not sure how cold it was, it was cold enough that I couldn't even feel it and the tires on my car were frozen square!! Bumpity... bumpity.... bumpity...
all the way to town.... So I hope everyone is fine with money this year:) I'll even fold the bills into interesting origami shapes;)
A Sunday isn't a bad day to put my feet up, grab a cup of coffee and browse through the DSM gallery.... here are a couple of standouts I found from this past week...
Here is a simple yet beautiful LO... sometimes less is more....
Created by Mistimus
I love this next LO... but I'm a collector of vintage photos... I love all the little touches especially the bead scatter. Nicely done!
Created by Delia
The following is a beautiful winter LO paired with a non winter picture and using a pretty color combo... and it all works!
Created by Kateinoz

I'm a fan of Steph's work. I seem to choose at least one of her LO's every week. She seems to have endless ideas... and lately she's been creating two pagers.... makes for a nice flow when you put together an album.
Created by Blessedby3qtz
Credits: Sugar Plum Twist by Modern June Creations at DSM

I love the pink/green combo and the clustering.... this sure looks like a fun kit!
Created by Tomosia
Credits: Sugar Plum Twist by ModernJune Creations.

I love this next LO... the kit matches the photo perfectly!!
Created by Ajrsmomma07

OK here's another from Steph... I just loved it so it has to be posted here... she created this for her Speed Scrap this past week...
Created by Blessedby3qtz
Credits: Sugar Plum Twist by Modern June Creations at DSM

This LO sums up how I feel today..
Created by Twimomma2
Ok I has to scoot and post the link for 25 days of Holiday Hoopla over at DSM...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

12/11 Friday Freebie from Designs by Ashlee

Hello there everyone and welcome to my friday freebie!

Today I have for you a pretty cool Hybrid Project! I have created for you this template for a Boy Brag Booklet

You can open up either the .psd or .png pages that are included in the download and design your book! These pages will print at 8x10 and 300 dpi. All you do is cut it out and add whatever finishing touches and bind it how you like! I hope you enjoy this limited time only Freebie!

Download your Freebie HERE

Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Mania

Hey all, ModernJune here with this weeks Monday Mania....we have some great stuff for you this week!

Up first with a really cute alpha is Scrap Maniac with "Chill Out"

Up next is Damsel Designs with a really cool kit "Its a Boy Thing"

Designs by Ashlee has two really great things for you this week!

First up a template item for your Holiday Needs!

And Next a Really great christmas Kit "Christmas Traditions"

I too have a kit out this week "Sugar Plum Twist"

Thats all for now head on over to the store and pick these up today!
Also dont forget about our TWO newsletters! Thats right we have two now! Sign up for our Monthly Mania and our blog Newsletter The Fix!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's that time of year again!! Are yo done your shopping yet?? I haven't even started! I can't seem to find enough time to drive the hour and a half to the city without my kids. That's the tricky part .... if I go shopping they always want to come, they have their own Christmas shopping to do so we have to work in every ones needs. If I would have been on the ball, I could have bought everything on the net... but I never think of it till it's too late... maybe next year! Do any of you buy your presents on-line?
I love my Sunday mornings... here I am drinking coffee and snooping through our gallery... here's a few neat LO's I found...
First up is Athena. I love her kits choice here and she has a real talent for layering!
And while were at it, here's another from Athena... this would make a great Christmas card!
Next is Twimomma2 She had a set of Christmas photos taken... and they are all beautiful. It's tricky getting a great photo of both kids... but she has quite a few... she must have good kids!

The next two Lo's are by mom2twoangels... she used my Flip Flop kit for both LO's. They are similar LO's but changing the bits sure gave them each their own style! And again she had just the right photos!!
Check out Flip Flop here.

Next up is our own Ashlee. I love the present LO it's even finished off with a great bow in the center!! She used Christmas Traditions Coming Soon to DSM by Designs by Ashlee.
Can't wait, this should be a great kit!!

And here's one from me.... I used my new kit Powder Fresh.... you can't buy this kit anywhere. I've been giving it away in chunks since the beginning of Dec... at DSM.

Here's another from Ashlee... I love the photo cluster!!! Very creative!! She used her kit Wild Cherry... you can find it here.

Here's one from Blessedby3qtz... This is a pretty Lo for a pretty girl!! I love the blend!! She used Scrap Manics Chill Out kit.... found here.
And our final LO is by Simply Susan... I love the colors and a wonderful moment captured!!

Well time for a new coffee... and I have the rest of the day to scrap my little heart out seeing as we are kinda snowed in... I LOVE being snowed in!! See you all next week!! Wonderful work ladies!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

I forgot to blog about his!!! I'm hosting tonight... this is the pp... if you want to come play come to DSM. Starts at 7 pm MTN!!
I have yet another freebie for you all... This week is my turn giving out the Friday Freebie at DSM. I have made you all 13 PS CU styles!

Included are~

5 Powder Fresh Glitter Styles

5 of the same glitters as above but with a shadow added

and 3 shadow styles!!

All for commercial or personal use!

Image is linked to the store where you'll find the freebie!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

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