Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesdays Tips!!

What to do when you've lost your mojo??

Have you ever had some amazing photos that needed scrapped, but you really didnt have any idea what to do with them? Or just tired of doing the same old styles that you always do? Well one way to get past that would be looking to other scrappers for influence. There are so many different techniques for digital scrapbooking, there is no real reason to stick with just one style (unless that is what you prefer). If you want to broaden your horizons a bit or just step outside of the box and try something new you could try a scraplift.

Find a LO in a gallery that you just love and want to try. Now you don't really want to duplicate the LO exactly, thats not very original. You would want to just look at the LO and notice the postion of papers and photos and elements. Create something similar to the look of the LO you are scraplifting. If their LO has the photos in the left corner you could switch it up and put yours on the right.
Here is an example from the DSM gallery:
the original

the lifted one

There is also a list of some scrapbooking books HERE at this website that could be very helpful in learning new styles and techniques.

The ideas are endless and you should never give up just because you can't figure something out yourself! Good Luck in your Scrapping!!!

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