Sunday, December 13, 2009

Good morning all.... and to some, good afternoon! I'm looking at my calendar, Christmas is now 12 shopping days away and I still haven't even started! Today is the day! I finally have a free day, no work, no driving kids anywhere and the housework can wait. Only it's -42 without the windchill..... so guess what.... I'm staying home and staying cozy!!
I drove into town last night to pick my daughter up from her Christmas party... not sure how cold it was, it was cold enough that I couldn't even feel it and the tires on my car were frozen square!! Bumpity... bumpity.... bumpity...
all the way to town.... So I hope everyone is fine with money this year:) I'll even fold the bills into interesting origami shapes;)
A Sunday isn't a bad day to put my feet up, grab a cup of coffee and browse through the DSM gallery.... here are a couple of standouts I found from this past week...
Here is a simple yet beautiful LO... sometimes less is more....
Created by Mistimus
I love this next LO... but I'm a collector of vintage photos... I love all the little touches especially the bead scatter. Nicely done!
Created by Delia
The following is a beautiful winter LO paired with a non winter picture and using a pretty color combo... and it all works!
Created by Kateinoz

I'm a fan of Steph's work. I seem to choose at least one of her LO's every week. She seems to have endless ideas... and lately she's been creating two pagers.... makes for a nice flow when you put together an album.
Created by Blessedby3qtz
Credits: Sugar Plum Twist by Modern June Creations at DSM

I love the pink/green combo and the clustering.... this sure looks like a fun kit!
Created by Tomosia
Credits: Sugar Plum Twist by ModernJune Creations.

I love this next LO... the kit matches the photo perfectly!!
Created by Ajrsmomma07

OK here's another from Steph... I just loved it so it has to be posted here... she created this for her Speed Scrap this past week...
Created by Blessedby3qtz
Credits: Sugar Plum Twist by Modern June Creations at DSM

This LO sums up how I feel today..
Created by Twimomma2
Ok I has to scoot and post the link for 25 days of Holiday Hoopla over at DSM...

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