Friday, October 30, 2009

Boo Crew Blog Train is Taking Off

At the end of this blog train, there is a challenge in store for you to complete in which you can earn this great pack full of Commerical Use items:

Plus these great Quick Pages:

Twas the night before All Hallows Eve. The hour was getting late and all the weary souls were boarding the Hallow Scream Express. An owl hooted "Whoooo Whooo", and a cat screamed "Meiouuuuuuuuuuw". All of a sudden a chill went through the air, the hairs on the conductor's neck rose and he shivered.

"Quick, quick, all abroad. The witches of DSM are coming. You can't let them find us here in the station or we will all be done for!"

"All aboard and don't forget to collect your gift before you take yoru seats". "Hurry Please, we must make all the haste to our next stop.

Next destination ~ Platform 2

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nightmare On DSM Street's Boo Bash Bingo

Come join us for our Boo Bash Bingo on October 31st, 1:00 pm CST. Get your card now and be sure to register at the forum and follow the instructions on what do. You must have your cards in by midnight, October 30th.

Download your bingo kit here

Wednesday Afternoon Speed Scrap 1pm CST

Monday, October 26, 2009

I am hosting the Bingo at the DSM Hallow Scream Party... I've only played bingo once, I went with my god mom... she sat across from me with like 20 cards and 4 dabbers... I only had 6 cards.... so the lady starts calling numbers.... I must have a touch of dyslexia... I just couldn't keep up with my six cards... lucky thing I had my god mom with me... she's dab hers then reach across the table and dab any I missed!! I even won a few bucks!! We had so much fun I decided to bring the game to DSM.... all for free and anyone can play with a mega prize to be had!!!

Here's what you have to do to play....

* if your not already a member, sign up for the DSM forum.

* then check out the Bingo thread and DL the Bingo card, Bingo is free to play and anyone is welcome to play... so invite your friends!!

* fill that Bingo card with the words (no numbers thank god!) included and email them to me at by Oct 30th at midnight and I'll add you to the list of players

Now for the rules...

* you can only play one Bingo card per member

* I will be calling a Bingo word every 3 minutes until someone calls Bingo..

* the first person to get a straight line of 5 words and post Bingo first wins my Hallow kit.

* If more than one person calls Bingo then the one who posts BINGO first wins!!
* After Bingo is called I will pause the game while I verify the card (I'll match it to your card you sent to me earlier) if it's a winner I'll send you the code to DL Hallow from the store and everyone keeps playing... (one member could win both times!)

* We keep playing until someone gets a Blackout... a blackout is when every space on your card has been called... after Bingo is called, again I will pause the game and verify the card, if it's a winner the game is over and I will PM you a coupon for 100 % off everything in my store!!!

* If more than one person calls Bingo the first person to post Bingo wins... and if you missed a word and someone calls Bingo on a word after... you miss your chance so you have to be right on top of it... first person to call Bingo wins!!

That's it... easy as pie... now for the prizes!!!

The winner of the first line wins this...

My Hallow Kit...
this is a monster of a kit...

This set includes...

54 Elements

35 Papers

10 PS Glitter Styles

3 Upper case Alphas

13 CU Brushes

Not everything is shown in the previews...

And for the winner of Blackout Bingo is...

A coupon for 100% off everything in my store... that's a value of over $140 for $0!!

Including all my CU items!!! Here are some previews of some of the kits I have in the store...

This is a monster of an event... all weekend long we have mini challenges, extra speed scraps, fun LO contests even a game of Truth and Dare! There will be lots of prizes to win and a ....


during the party everything in the DSM store will be 50% off!!!
If you're interested here's the link for the store and the forum... hope to see ya there!!

Here is a link to the Bingo card.... the image is linked to the store where you can DL it for free... just click the download button when you get there, no need to sign up for the store!!

Monday Night Speed Scrap with Damsel Designs 9pm CST

Monday Mania!

Hey all, ModernJune here with this weeks Monday Mania and what a great Monday it is! We have so much new product today its down right ridiculous! So lets get started!

First up is MandyMade with he new kit "Make it Funky"

She also has some paper packs from her new kit selling separately and that will be the PP for our party Speed Scraps!

MandyMade also has a Quick Page Set coming out today from her new kit "Hallow"

Next up Damsel Designs has a really great Disney Themed kit out today called "Magical Safari"

This kit comes with:
7 backwards brads
5 binder clips
9 bows
10 mousehead buttons
4 buttons
3 chalked Mouseheads
4 clips
4 frames
2 ribbon tied heart charms
5 chipboard mouseheads
10 mousehead frames
3 paperclips
9 flat ribbons
7 safety pins
7 tickets
2 stitched frames
4 glitter frames
5 scattered glitter
5 spilled glitter
5 mousehead charms
5 mousehead scatters
8 curled ribbons
5 tags

Designs by Ashlee has an adorable kit called "Wild Cherry out today!

Scrap N Bitz has a really cool Argyle Script for PSP coming out today!

I myself has some new product to share with you today too...
I have started a new series called "Date Me' and this is the first three parts of the series...

"First Date"

"Second Date"

"Third Date"

And my latest kit "October Haze"

So come check out our store and get our latest goodies today!
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