Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gallery Standouts Spet 6th - 12th

First off is a LO from our own Digilicous, a wonderful LO with a great color style, photo placement and great use of different papers... definitely a gallery standout!

For credits click here.

Next is a LO from Dricamendes. I just love the curve of the paper slice, photo edit and title work! Scrapliftable!!

For credits click here.

I'm just loving this LO from Breeze80. This is a fresh twist on a Halloween LO... not all Halloween LO's need to have pumpkins and witches!!

For credits click here.

This is another clear standout... This one comes from our own Missdamsel. This is a great example of layering, photo stack and photo editing. I also happen to be a big fan of green so that helps;)

To see credits click here.

And lastly a fab LO from Beckag99. I love the BG paper, scattering of the tiny ellies and the punch of color. Just wonderful...

For credits click here.

And just for fun ... a LO done by Mandymade just to show you an example of a way to use those crappy photos... we all have them so don't be scared to scrap them.... just get a little creative!

For credits click here.

There were many more fabulous LO's... so if you want to check them out head over to the DSM Gallery and check them out... and I'll be back next Sunday with this weeks Gallery Standouts.

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